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Heal your Self through Positive Affirmations! Heal your Body through Positive Affirmations! List of Diseases from A-Z             Underlying Negative Emotions cause particular Physical Illness! Causes of physical symptoms according to Louise Hay is an excellent place if you are looking for healing yourself. Illness however mild or severe is an indicator of your emotional state, caused by your thoughts. I first came across this concept 6 years ago, when I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay . I found this book while in the depths of depression and it turned my life drastically in a year. In this book, Louise outlines the causes of physical symptoms and the affirmations one must repeat to heal the physical illness. If you want to know in detail about the affirmations   to heal the illness drastically and see the results asap, check my another blog :  Self-Help : When & How to practice Affirmations | Why is it Powerful? | 21 Daily Positive Affi

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