Meditation (Self Healing)- Krupali Tayade

       So, what comes on your mind when someone talks about Meditation? Sitting in a still position, focusing on your mind, taking it to the level of tranquility of your mind, reaching to the highest level of consciousness, yes? 

This practice must be done with a peaceful mind without thinking what is happening around. 
          And doing it in such a place where no one would distract you in this state of your mind. But many people find it difficult to do this so they stop doing this halfway because they think they cannot concentrate for a longer period of time as thoughts keep appearing though they tried to get rid of it, such as:-
"I should really check my phone, I guess I received a call from my senior colleague?" ,
"What I would wear for my cousin's wedding?" ,
Oh my god, what must be my younger brother doing now?" etc. and many more..
And so i have come up with the idea of sharing the Visual Healing Meditation.
Your mind is the utmost powerful tool for achieving relaxation and promoting positive changes in attitude, your perspective or your feelings. Imagery is the language that your mind uses to communicate with your body.

            When you say, picture stressful and negative events, your mind acts and your body reacts which can result into stress.

 And when you say, picture or think about relaxing and loving experiences around you, your body will respond by loosening up and releasing chemicals that make you feel more positive. This is all a game of body and mind. You should know how to play with it.

These Visualization Techniques can solve your mental and physical barriers.

So, here's the procedure:

1) Choose a peaceful environment where you can feel completely at your ease.

2) You can either sit or lie on your back with your eyes closed, take 3 deep breaths and relax deeply.
(Maybe you will find it difficult to get rid of your thoughts. So concentrating on each part of the body from toes to your scalp of your head would work better.)

3) Starting with your toes, feet, legs, pelvis and so on, put your attention on each part of your body in turn and tell it to relax and let go of any stress. Feel all tension dissolving and draining away.

4) Now, imagine Green Light which is a Healing Light from the universe (a form of energy) is all around your body. Feel it traveling in your body, sense it and luxuriate in it.

5) If there is a particular part of your body that has been ill or is in the pain, ask that part of you if it has a message for you. 
Remain quite for a few minutes and notice if any words, images or feelings come to you in response to these questions.

Try your best to understand and follow it. If you don't get an answer it's fine, Just continue with the process.

Now you can send special loving and healing energy to that part of you, and any part of you that needs it, see it or feel it being healed completely.

Picture the issues dissolving and flowing the negative energies away, All tensions draining gradually.

Now imagine yourself in a perfect, natural health. Think and picture yourself in various different situations where you feel very active and energetic to perform fun-loving activities. Imagine nurturing and caring for yourself so you stay healthy.

Any of your particular body part which has been in pain, you can also know the ultimate reason for the underlying root cause of a negative pattern which causes physical illness.

You can refer my previous post 'Self Healing through Affirmations' where you may find affirmations to each of your body part in the list A-Z diseases.

You can practice those affirmations daily before sleeping at night in front of mirror. 
Mirror work is the best practice. While saying you need to feel and believe in it that it has already been healed and you are feeling way too better than ever.

Following are the common affirmations, which can be practiced by anyone daily to maintain your health :

I love and accept my body totally.

I am healthy and energetic.

I am loving and healing on all spiritual levels : Emotions, Mental and Physical

My immune system is very strong.

I am very energetic and full of vitality.

I deserve to be healthy and feel good.

I always take good care of myself.

I am grateful for my ever increasing health, beauty and vitality.

I have also posted a blog about a Meditation for Healing Others. Yes...You can heal others too!

Thank You.



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  2. Affirmations r powerful Thank you

  3. Excellent post on Meditation. I am very happy to read. Thanks for providing great information. Thanks.Positive Affirmations

  4. Meditation is the most beneficial tool for getting the relaxation and achieving the positive attitude and it helps in overcoming negative thought, improves the communication skills, and improves the ability to think.

  5. Hey blogger. Good stuff Haan.. my compliments.

  6. Love all of your posts. I am so into this type of mindset and healing. Louise Hay was a great help for me. While working for a Dr he saw her book, You Can Heal Your Life, and looked at it briefly, tossed it down on the desk, shaking his head, looked at me and said, you believe in this?;I said YES I do, shaking his head while he walked away in silence. Oh well...these teachings are very real to me. Thank you so much for your contributions of lifting the consciousness of the Planet 💖

    1. I am so overwhelmed by your comment, you seem to be a genuine person.
      Sorry, for the late reply.
      Hope many people come across Louise's teachings.

  7. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts. healing

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