Meditation for Healing Others! -Krupali Tayade

Meditation for Healing Others

Hi everyone. I missed you all.
It's been such a long long time, I was away,
But, it's good to finally connect you all again. 

This blog post dedicates the audience who want to learn the technique to heal others through the medium of meditation. It is a distant healing meditation. A way to send healing energy to someone. A kind of a meditation to send positive energy to someone, to heal with your mind, connecting someone, sending love vibration, sending energy healing etc. 

Yes, you definitely can do it, even if you do not have any experience in healing others.
The main ingredient is to trust yourself.
Sounds exciting though, isn’t it?


It's not Reiki but it's a type of meditation that can heal other person's physical pain.


I will not waste anymore time talking about meditation, if you have reached this blog post you all have the idea of meditation already, just the concept of healing others is a bit different through it, instead of self meditation.


We should now really get straight to the point now.

In this meditation we will be using Green Light which is used for healing because it determines good health, vibration of growth, new beginnings, harmony, hope and peace.

 So, let's start with it.

Firstly, you are well aware of the individual who is in a physical pain, it might be your closed one or anyone who is suffering.


To the individual whom you want to send the powerful healing light, you should first ask their permission for it before you start the meditation.

(Reason: When you do meditation for healing on the individual without asking the permission, his/her aura might reject, or get confused and wouldn't complete the healing journey of theirs and therefore the results won't show up. 

Although, sending healing energy to another individual is passing the energy to that person. It's all about energy. So I would request you all to let the individual know that you are practicing this to ease up their physical pain.


So, let's start with the meditation: 

Firstly, you will do a relaxation technique for your own body.

You can either sit on a chair or choose a sleeping position for this meditation.


1)  Relaxation of your own body: 

"With your eyes comfortably closed, focus your attention on the toes of both your feet. Now let this concentration move from your toes, into your heels, into your ankles and slowly into the calves of your legs and from your toes to your knees feel a wave of relaxation.


Feel this wave of relaxation now moving up through your thighs, your hips and into your stomach muscles.


The relaxation now moves up into your solar plexus, across the chest area, further up into your shoulders and slowly moves down through your arms, your hands and your fingers. And your neck muscles are relaxing.


This relaxation now moves up through the scalp, across the forehead, further down over the eyelids, the facial muscles and jaw muscles, and the entire physical body now relaxes deeply and completely with every breath."


As you complete this relaxation technique for your own body.

Take 2 minutes of your time to sit and acknowledge your thoughts, and then start imagining a park (full of greenery) where you see a bench for you to sit. 

Take 3 deep breaths and feel the freshness around you. 


2)  Imagine meeting the Individual:

And then you call the individual in the park, tell him/her to have a seat next to you.
And let the person know you are in this space for their healing process.

Face each other, hold hands and close eyes. 


3)  Guide them the same body relaxation technique, which you did earlier.

4)  Cast the green light.

Cast the green light through your third eye to the person's physical part of the body which is in pain, tell the person to relax till you complete this process.


5)   I want you to see the person’s inner side of the body part which is in pain. 

For, this process you have to trust yourself and your visualization, go it with your feeling and trust your instincts.

The body part which is ill, you can imagine that part of the person’s body is transparent for your eyes.
You would see the illness in whatever form.

For instance, it's a lower back pain: 

You might see a wound which might be brown in colour, and you feel that colour and form should not be there at all, you can use the green light to heal that portion in any method of tool, like example: a paint brush. 

Use that to paint the green colour on it or whatever tool you would like to fix the wound.

And see it heal and grow in its appropriate form.

Once you feel, it's completed.
Cast the green light through your third eye after it’s healed.
After this, the process of healing is completed.


6)  After the process of healing is completed:

You can withdraw yourself from the healing part of healing the other person. And tell the individual to now open their eyes while you open yours. And get back to the consciousness in the park. You can give a command to the individual, that “the part is healed now, you should return back to your own consciousness.”

Reason why you do this:

Because you actually call the astral part of the individual in your space, which needs to return back.

7)  To imagine a white aura around you.

This helps you to not get affected from the energy transfer the individual does, it's not something bad, but the energy which doesn't belong in your space, shouldn't be in you aura. 


8)  Returning to your own consciousness.

Take 3 deep breaths and return to your consciousness, and gradually open your eyes. It would be amazing experience to be the healer for others. Trust me it really work wonders.

Do it thrice if you practice it alone.

You can also use this meditation steps and do a group healing on the individual, the more the merrier to heal the individual's physical pain for the fast healing process.

In summary, whether you engage in self-healing or are assisting others, the experience can be 
really transformative. You might also find it to be a transcendent experience where you go to the levels of solitude and interconnectedness that you’ve never experienced before. Enjoy the journey!

Please follow the steps and share your experiences in the comments below.

If any questions, do ask. I will get back to you.
Thank you.


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